Seeing The Light Of Day


Good evening all. Somehow my words are seeing the light of day. I wish I had blogged my case against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) long ago. Know this: Filing a workplace violation charge has left me worse off than if I’d never filed one because I’m financially poorer, and I’m just cleaning up the train wreck that was my life. I say this because one cannot endure such an ordeal without receiving many emotional, mental, and physical scars.

Now I’m trying to heal. If you are reading this, you’ll probably want to even the score first before trying to heal. I know because I thirsted for revenge. I’m not sure that my thirst has been quenched by blogging this information. But my anger with God has disappeared. You see: I questioned why this happened to me. I questioned why it occurred for so long. And even though I tried extracting myself from this situation from the beginning, I never achieved acceptance–until now.

I’ve accepted that I’ve experienced the stages of grief through this entire process. And it is a process. Ask anyone who’s ever been through it. Right now, writing about this calms me. I see the light. Or, my story sees the light of day. I totaled my lost wages from my career at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Excluding raises and overtime, BWC and this entire process robbed me of nearly a cool 800 thousand dollars. Those are real losses. Can you imagine what they owe me in punitive damages?

Better yet, by teaming up with my subsequent employer, Mercy HealthPlex, BWC owes me tens of millions of dollars. But most important, the state of Ohio, representing BWC, owes me my life back! Imagine people surveilling you 24/7 to try and get the goods on you. In all of these years, they’ve failed because if they had anything that would impugn my credibility, there’d be no need for surveillance and daily effing with me. If you’re going through something similar, blog about it. Shine the light on the despicable tactics used by Fair Employment Practices Agencies like EEOC and OCRC. The more employees know, the more employees can win. Until the next time . . .



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