Did You Know That Your Employer Prefers Your Resignation?

April 20, 2016

At my position with Mercy HealthPlex, management engineered a plan to force my resignation after I complained of workplace violations. After complaining of a coworker constantly grabbing me around my waist, suddenly male gym members at Mercy HealthPlex started doing the same, going so far as to embrace me. I objected to the touching. I implored my supervisor to place a sign directing non-personnel to do not enter behind the desk. But it was to no avail. Somehow, my coworkers and perhaps a few managers on duty (MODs) encouraged this action so that I would not raise the issue with one coworker in particular making unwanted sexual advances on me.

This man also frogged me in my arm (punched me in my arm), and it was all caught on tape. You see: Mercy HealthPlex’s vice-president set up cameras to capture the shenanigans surrounding the front desk—I found this out later. If the punching had happened anywhere else, the personal trainer would have been terminated immediately. But because the powers that be wanted me to quit, the organization found a more subtle way to get rid of that personal trainer. Knowing that he would balk at the price, management required him to pay hundreds of dollars for recertification, and the man took his services elsewhere.

My point is: Even if you are in the right, bad bosses will find a way around Title VII laws and regulations. You cannot even count on witnesses because those same witnesses are part of the plan to engineer your resignation. Not in all cases, however, do witnesses and unwitting participants understand the machinations of what your boss or bosses are doing. Witnesses could be told it’s a prank, for instance. But ask yourself what prank surrounding unwanted touching is legal in the workplace?



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