When I didn’t know any better

April 14, 2016

If you have filed an EEOC or other FEPA complaint, have you noticed something screwy going on with your utilities? If you live in an apartment, you may have noticed that your complex constantly shuts off your water then state that it is complex-wide. In my case, that was part of the continuous retaliation I experienced outside my workplace.

Imagine showering and the water cuts off. No, I paid the bill, but I was constantly asked if I could shower somewhere else. Hell no! “If you’d like, you can shower at the rental office.” Seriously? I thought they said the shutoff was for the entire complex. I ended up taking them to court to get out of my lease because the complex would routinely and unjustly shut off my water. Just more days with my employer and FEPA effing with Tracey Lampley, believe me. Just another consequence for self-completing my OCRC charge. I should have used an attorney.

But does my ignorance justify the OCRC retaliating against me for not keeping this investigation secret and for wanting the investigation to end? Yes, I begged to withdraw my workplace violation charge because my employer thoroughly intimidated me. I lobbied my senator and my Ohio representative. For that, the OCRC committed a crime against me by illegally committing me to a mental ward on December 6, 2012. I know. I know. I must have done something to bring this on. No, I simply refused to keep my mouth shut about the investigation. I also refused to speak to my family for cooperating with OCRC.

So OCRC forcibly committed me for refusing to interact or speak with my family. This occurred on December 6, 2012. Remember this date because on December 6, 2009 I suffered a legitimate nervous break. In 2009 I needed to be hospitalized. My employer and FEPA stalked me, and I couldn’t deal with it.

The worst part of my 8-day stay in 2012 was my insurance refused to pay for anything more than a 72-hour hold because I was not a danger to myself or to anyone else. In 2009 I was considered a danger to myself, and I understand that. So, if they can’t jail you, they can certainly commit you. After my 8-day stay in 2012, I refused to continue the medication just so they could eff with me and note my reactions under medication as opposed to no medication.

In my opinion, the FEPAs wanted to see if medication would have prevented me from taking a medical leave of absence at Mercy HealthPlex. No one should be compelled to take medication and experience the side effects if he or she is not a danger to others and is not a danger to his/herself. So I refused to continue them. Then I tried to withdraw my workplace violation charge in person. There was no incident. Everything was peaceful.

Two weeks later all hell broke loose, and Ohio issued a summons after I spoke with my state representative about the fact-finding investigation. They told me to get a lawyer because OCRC assured them they were not trying to harass me but they required additional medical information. My question: What did OCRC need now that they could not obtain for more than 3 years? In fact, as they do now, the OCRC and EEOC had subpoena had and has subpoena power. You give them that when you file a workplace violation charge. Revealing all to my state representative–who had contacted OCRC on my behalf–pissed of that organization.

Suddenly I received a letter stating I must seek psychiatric help or risk going to jail. I did not know then that I could not be jailed. I figure if they could commit me involuntarily, they could certainly jail me. I refused to even speak with them without an attorney.

An Ohio Highway Patrol investigator showed up at my door. After I refused to permit him inside, he inserted a summons in my mailbox and urged me to read it. I waited until he left before reading it. I couldn’t believe it. I requested a jury trial. After I could not get an attorney to take it seriously, I fled the state. OCRC obtains cooperation from everyone with whom you come in contact.

That bogus aggravated menacing charge haunts me to this day. It comes up in any background check and has prevented me from obtaining a substitute teaching job. This week the charge prevented me from securing a better apartment. Want to read more?

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Tracey Lampley is the author of Kept and Kept Book Two
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