Calmer Today

FACT: Including Washington D.C., the EEOC has 53 offices nationwide according to the EEOC website.

As I stated yesterday, the ball rolled after my supervisor at Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) was suspended for stating, “Here Comes Tracey Lampley in her come-fuck-me-shoes.”

Of course I was humiliated, and I felt violated. So I reported my supervisor, and BWC suspended her. Although my work environment was already hostile before she uttered those words, she lent validation to attacking and assassinating my character.

You see: I must have asked to be sexually harassed as my figure was curvy, my personality was bubbly, and my face was pretty. After taking disability retirement, that all changed. I’m no longer the person I used to be. In fact, I’m mourning my life. That is the reason for this blog. That is the reason I went on a messy rant yesterday.

FACT: If Ohio Civil Rights Commission and EEOC fact-finding investigations take up to one (1) year, how is my case still open? It is still open because I never blinked. My two employers threw everything–including the kitchen sink–at me, and I never waivered from what happened.

Plus, I did not know that taking a medical leave-of-absence opens you up to shenanigans outside the workplace such as 24-hour surveillance and indefinite interference with your life including everyday activities. All of a sudden everyone you come in contact with effs with you by laughing at you for instance. This seems minor, but it can be harassing especially if you complain about it.

My advice: Don’t complain. The EEOC and OCRC will turn your complaints into epic battles.

Whew! Now about yesterday. Yesterday was messy. I’m still fuming about the long-term effects of filing a workplace violation charge with FEPAs like the EEOC and the OCRC. However, informing cyberspace is not only revenge but a sliver of justice. I said a sliver because only a termination to the fact-finding process will give me some of my life back. Receiving back wages as well as punitive damages will satisfy me!

How will I collect back wages and punitive damages? By writing my way to a settlement is how. Writing is what I do. And blogging my upcoming book, Tracey Lampley’s Surviving the EEOC, will help me connect to not only readers like you but employees involved in similar situations.

Tip of the day: If you receive a right-to-sue letter from a FEPA (Fair Employment Practices Agency like EEOC or OCRC), don’t believe it–especially when you know depositions support your claim of discrimination by hostile work environment, sexual harassment and continuous retaliation.

Follow me. Stick with me. Share my blog posts. Tell people about it. And if you have a similar story, I may let you guest blog. Contact me at: Until tomorrow . . .


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