Did You Know That Retaliation Accounts For More Than One Third Of Workplace Violation Charges?


According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in 2015 individuals filed 39, 757 charges related to all statutes of retaliation. This number represents 44.5% of all charges filed. For instance, if an individual files a race, sex or sexual harassment discrimination, that individual should immediately check for employer-related retaliation even in the most petty instance because petty retaliation represents the beginning of either a long battle to come or petty retaliation represents the beginning of the end. All of this is rooted in discrimination.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, creed, sex, national origin, color and religion. 31,893 individuals filed retaliation charges for Title VII only in the year 2015. The number of filings represents 35.7% of all charges filed. These numbers warn employees to beware of retaliation because employers exercise retaliation in mysterious ways. For instance, suddenly your employer changes your work hours or drops you down from 20 hours per week to 16.

Retaliation comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are responsible for the opening of a gym, and someone hides the keys to the business office so that you cannot transfer the required $200 from the safe to the cash register, that is retaliation–even if your employer uses different people to do such a thing. If you complain about running a cash register, and multiple employees violate or saunter behind the cashier’s desk, and you complain, be prepared for many different people from different departments showing up in your area doing the same thing.

Although this sounds petty; but it isn’t. If you tell your supervisor that you are uncomfortable with multiple people having access to the cash register and the petty cash because you are responsible, you may feel silly, but expressing your thoughts on this will save you from a potential theft charge. NOTE: Proof or allegations of theft nullifies and ends any EEOC or Fair Employment Practices Agencies’ investigation. And even though you wish to keep the peace, your peace was shattered the moment you filed or complained about workplace violations. The company or organization has placed you in the untenable position of fighting for your own reputation because you’ve just been dubbed a troublemaker. Until the next time. . .

Seeing The Light Of Day


Good evening all. Somehow my words are seeing the light of day. I wish I had blogged my case against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) long ago. Know this: Filing a workplace violation charge has left me worse off than if I’d never filed one because I’m financially poorer, and I’m just cleaning up the train wreck that was my life. I say this because one cannot endure such an ordeal without receiving many emotional, mental, and physical scars.

Now I’m trying to heal. If you are reading this, you’ll probably want to even the score first before trying to heal. I know because I thirsted for revenge. I’m not sure that my thirst has been quenched by blogging this information. But my anger with God has disappeared. You see: I questioned why this happened to me. I questioned why it occurred for so long. And even though I tried extracting myself from this situation from the beginning, I never achieved acceptance–until now.

I’ve accepted that I’ve experienced the stages of grief through this entire process. And it is a process. Ask anyone who’s ever been through it. Right now, writing about this calms me. I see the light. Or, my story sees the light of day. I totaled my lost wages from my career at the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). Excluding raises and overtime, BWC and this entire process robbed me of nearly a cool 800 thousand dollars. Those are real losses. Can you imagine what they owe me in punitive damages?

Better yet, by teaming up with my subsequent employer, Mercy HealthPlex, BWC owes me tens of millions of dollars. But most important, the state of Ohio, representing BWC, owes me my life back! Imagine people surveilling you 24/7 to try and get the goods on you. In all of these years, they’ve failed because if they had anything that would impugn my credibility, there’d be no need for surveillance and daily effing with me. If you’re going through something similar, blog about it. Shine the light on the despicable tactics used by Fair Employment Practices Agencies like EEOC and OCRC. The more employees know, the more employees can win. Until the next time . . .


Mourning Prince


How sad it was to hear that Prince died. Although Michael Jackson was a great performer–a genius even, Prince was one of kind brilliant while playing about 7 instruments. Michael played none, but he was still king of pop. And Prince was the prince. He simply performed the greatest concert I’ve ever witnessed back when I was a teenager. At age 50, that concert was still the best performance I’d ever witnessed.

The mystery surrounding Prince’s sexual orientation seduced his fans, sold 100 million albums and sold-out concerts worldwide. Now the world mourns him. I offered prayers for his loved ones and prayers for his soul. The musical genius will certainly be missed. And he is still loved.

Did You Know That Your Employer Prefers Your Resignation?

April 20, 2016

At my position with Mercy HealthPlex, management engineered a plan to force my resignation after I complained of workplace violations. After complaining of a coworker constantly grabbing me around my waist, suddenly male gym members at Mercy HealthPlex started doing the same, going so far as to embrace me. I objected to the touching. I implored my supervisor to place a sign directing non-personnel to do not enter behind the desk. But it was to no avail. Somehow, my coworkers and perhaps a few managers on duty (MODs) encouraged this action so that I would not raise the issue with one coworker in particular making unwanted sexual advances on me.

This man also frogged me in my arm (punched me in my arm), and it was all caught on tape. You see: Mercy HealthPlex’s vice-president set up cameras to capture the shenanigans surrounding the front desk—I found this out later. If the punching had happened anywhere else, the personal trainer would have been terminated immediately. But because the powers that be wanted me to quit, the organization found a more subtle way to get rid of that personal trainer. Knowing that he would balk at the price, management required him to pay hundreds of dollars for recertification, and the man took his services elsewhere.

My point is: Even if you are in the right, bad bosses will find a way around Title VII laws and regulations. You cannot even count on witnesses because those same witnesses are part of the plan to engineer your resignation. Not in all cases, however, do witnesses and unwitting participants understand the machinations of what your boss or bosses are doing. Witnesses could be told it’s a prank, for instance. But ask yourself what prank surrounding unwanted touching is legal in the workplace?


Back Home In Georgia

Guess what! The cops did not arrest me nor did they detain me or place me in handcuffs which may have evoked a panic attack. They reissued the citation for aggravated menacing and told me to show up in court in two weeks! I expected to go to jail for at least an hour. Not really. As I stated previously, while I endure this fact-finding process conducted by both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC), the agencies cannot have me jailed for anything. And if either agency becomes aware that I might commit a crime, the agency must terminate the fact-finding process. With that being said, I will not knowingly commit a crime. However, I intend to file an injunction to terminate this process.

As I drove seven hours back home, I stewed on this whole process. Imagine the agencies soliciting and compelling your friends, loved-ones and neighbors to torment you. At times I don’t believe my family knew what was all involved. Perhaps they were told that if they did not cooperate, I would lose my case. I’m here to tell you I’m a winner! I’m claiming it.

After enduring the unreasonable and retaliatory withholding of my child support for six months more than a decade ago, I ended up losing my home. The state of Ohio–my former employer–caused real harm. And they used my ex to do it. You see: while he worked for the city of Newburgh, the New York Child Support Enforcement Agency deducted his obligation from his check. However, the state of Ohio just withheld it for more than six months until I wrote and called everyone screaming bloody murder. To top it off, my ex was not the least bit disturbed that I wasn’t receiving my checks in order to assist in taking care of his daughter. He was in on the whole thing. I suppose he and the state of Ohio were hoping to paint me as an unfit parent. Every month he’d say they were taking it out of his check, and he’d actually chuckle about it. That’s what the process does: laughs at you in the hopes of provoking you. Just another way of continuously retaliating against me.

If you’re missing child support, and you know you’ve filed a workplace violation charge with the EEOC, OCRC and/or other Fair Employment Practices Agencies (FEPAs), beware of these guys. They will try driving you crazy. You’ll feel the torment in the pit of your stomach. It will manifest into major depression, anxiety and acute stress. I’m surprised I’m still living and that I hadn’t had a heart-attack by now. But I’m a survivor. You must reinforce that fact within yourself and beat the FEPAs at all costs. They don’t want you to share your stories, your experiences. But I’m telling la dee da dee every fucking body! I’m sounding the alarm on retaliation, continuous retaliation, hostile work environments and intimidation and sexual harassment.


Back In Ohio . . .

I don’t know how I feel about returning to Cincinnati. In no way am I afraid to face this bogus charge that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) hung around my neck like an albatross. I’m ready to do battle. Someone on this blog suggested that I file an injunction against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as well as file one against the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Looking back, I wish I would have blogged this information years ago. It’s funny how much you could learn from total strangers.

Speaking of strangers, even some of my childhood friends feel like strangers to me. This is as a result of my self-isolation. I was so ashamed of losing what I thought was a legitimate lawsuit against my former employer, the Ohio BWC that I couldn’t see straight. Enduring the same workplace violations at my supplemental job humiliated me more. But in between all of this, I endured sabotage of all of my potential and actual romantic relationships.

Imagine your employer setting you up with romantic encounters and/or romantic prospects then telling those same prospects to treat you badly. That’s called interfering with your life. Imagine you already have a boyfriend, and your employer pays him to propose to you just so you might quit your job and move out of state. Welcome to my hell.

If you’ve filed sexual harassment and hostile work environment charges, and your romantic relationships sink to the floor, beware of your employer. It is much easier for your employer to pay off romantic interests to make you look bad than to pay you millions for creating a hostile work environment. True story. But I’ll tell you more in my book Tracey Lampley Surviving the EEOC.

By the way, I’m in town to turn myself in. Tomorrow I’ll show up at the justice center , turn myself in to the police for that bogus aggravated menacing charge and see what happens. Until tomorrow . . .

5 Books on Hostile Work Environments

April 16, 2016

As you already know, I endured a hostile work environment. Now I’m writing about it. But the following books may give you insight into what you are enduring. Here are the following:

  1. Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment by T.D. Jakes
  2. What Your Boss Really Wants From You: 15 Insights To Improve Your Relationship by Steve Arneson.
  3. Women And Sexual Harassment: A Practical Guide to the Legal Protections of Title VII and the Hostile Environment Claim by Robert C. Berring and Anja A. Chan
  4. Sexual Harassment Kit by Bikash Kalita
  5. The Manager’s Guide to Preventing a Hostile Work Environment: How to Avoid Legal Threats by Protecting Your Workplace from Harassment Based on Sex, Race Age by Wanda Dobrich, PhD., Steven Dranoff, PhD., Gerald L. Maatman Jr., Esq. (I mention this book because you will notice immediately what your boss is not doing)

Wipe your tears. Diffuse your anger, and get informed! Always leave a paper trail. In my case, I left a trail of emails. Now, the employer may claim that you are harassing them with emails if you consistently report harassment that way. Tough! It may be the only way to prove you’ve notified the company, the chain of command.

Because you have complained in person–or even given your supervisor a heads up, you’ve planted a target on your back because now the company must cover its ass. The company will look for any reason to discipline you. This is called retaliation. Firing you is not only wrongful termination but continuous retaliation.

In my case, BWC secretly interviewed my neighbors about me. Two of them told me! Ignorant of what to do, I did nothing about it. When I saw someone stealing my trash out of my trashcan, I reported it to police. But nothing materialized from the incident. Watch your trash! Companies hire private investigators to go through it. Even if you use a shredder, private investigators will still fish for information.

For all of this, the EEOC  nor the OCRC never helped me. The agency’s investigators were too busy trying to drive me crazy, and they missed out on obvious opportunities to close this case in my favor. Know this: After filing a workplace violation charge, you can’t trust anyone but yourself. The investigation lingers for as long as your family, friends and neighbors cooperate. You must stop the investigation by blasting what happened while appearing calm, cool, and collected. I know. I’m a survivor.

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Do You Work for a Horrible Boss or a Horrible Company?

April 15, 2016

As I stated in previous posts, one supervisor once announced, “Here comes Tracey Lampley in her come-fuck-me-shoes.” Would you call that sexual harassment? I call it a hostile work environment as well as sexual harassment. Worse, that incendiary sentence followed me to my other job at Mercy HealthPlex, a subsidiary doing business as Catholic Health Partners. I mean, could I have worked in worst places who have shown such a hostility?

Shouldn’t a government agency like the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and a major employer like Catholic Health Partners be safe and professional places to work? In both cases I believed so. However, I ended up in zoo-like atmospheres. In the case at BWC, the agency suspended my supervisor then transferred me to a different supervisor who proceeded to ignore sexual and/or hostile comments toward me, or he made excuses about a coworker by saying, “she’s a saucy red head trying to get a rise out of you.” For instance, this saucy redhead asked me if the reason I took a whole day for a doctor’s appointment was because I’d had a D & C.


Reporting that incident to the EEO department at BWC garnered another all-hands meeting where EEO officer explained the meanings of sexual harassment and hostile work environment. And  at one point, all eyes zeroed in on me. Not only did I feel violated, but I wondered if I’d done anything to this employee to make her come after me that way. No, I’d just been transferred to that team and had just met her after my transfer. My point is: Once you complain or file an EEO complaint with your employer, watch out. All hostile guns turn on you. Everybody guns for you. Can you complain about everyone of them? Hell yeah! I did. Remember: Before you file an EEOC or OCRC workplace violation complaint, consult a lawyer, or you’ll be told it’s over but end up in an indefinite fact-finding investigation.

Of course I tried withdrawing my workplace violation complaint from both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC). So far? I’ve had no luck. Working for horrible bosses and working for bad employers suck! Going to Fair Employment Practices Agencies like EEOC and OCRC for help will change your life–for the worst! I’ll speak more on that later.

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When I didn’t know any better

April 14, 2016

If you have filed an EEOC or other FEPA complaint, have you noticed something screwy going on with your utilities? If you live in an apartment, you may have noticed that your complex constantly shuts off your water then state that it is complex-wide. In my case, that was part of the continuous retaliation I experienced outside my workplace.

Imagine showering and the water cuts off. No, I paid the bill, but I was constantly asked if I could shower somewhere else. Hell no! “If you’d like, you can shower at the rental office.” Seriously? I thought they said the shutoff was for the entire complex. I ended up taking them to court to get out of my lease because the complex would routinely and unjustly shut off my water. Just more days with my employer and FEPA effing with Tracey Lampley, believe me. Just another consequence for self-completing my OCRC charge. I should have used an attorney.

But does my ignorance justify the OCRC retaliating against me for not keeping this investigation secret and for wanting the investigation to end? Yes, I begged to withdraw my workplace violation charge because my employer thoroughly intimidated me. I lobbied my senator and my Ohio representative. For that, the OCRC committed a crime against me by illegally committing me to a mental ward on December 6, 2012. I know. I know. I must have done something to bring this on. No, I simply refused to keep my mouth shut about the investigation. I also refused to speak to my family for cooperating with OCRC.

So OCRC forcibly committed me for refusing to interact or speak with my family. This occurred on December 6, 2012. Remember this date because on December 6, 2009 I suffered a legitimate nervous break. In 2009 I needed to be hospitalized. My employer and FEPA stalked me, and I couldn’t deal with it.

The worst part of my 8-day stay in 2012 was my insurance refused to pay for anything more than a 72-hour hold because I was not a danger to myself or to anyone else. In 2009 I was considered a danger to myself, and I understand that. So, if they can’t jail you, they can certainly commit you. After my 8-day stay in 2012, I refused to continue the medication just so they could eff with me and note my reactions under medication as opposed to no medication.

In my opinion, the FEPAs wanted to see if medication would have prevented me from taking a medical leave of absence at Mercy HealthPlex. No one should be compelled to take medication and experience the side effects if he or she is not a danger to others and is not a danger to his/herself. So I refused to continue them. Then I tried to withdraw my workplace violation charge in person. There was no incident. Everything was peaceful.

Two weeks later all hell broke loose, and Ohio issued a summons after I spoke with my state representative about the fact-finding investigation. They told me to get a lawyer because OCRC assured them they were not trying to harass me but they required additional medical information. My question: What did OCRC need now that they could not obtain for more than 3 years? In fact, as they do now, the OCRC and EEOC had subpoena had and has subpoena power. You give them that when you file a workplace violation charge. Revealing all to my state representative–who had contacted OCRC on my behalf–pissed of that organization.

Suddenly I received a letter stating I must seek psychiatric help or risk going to jail. I did not know then that I could not be jailed. I figure if they could commit me involuntarily, they could certainly jail me. I refused to even speak with them without an attorney.

An Ohio Highway Patrol investigator showed up at my door. After I refused to permit him inside, he inserted a summons in my mailbox and urged me to read it. I waited until he left before reading it. I couldn’t believe it. I requested a jury trial. After I could not get an attorney to take it seriously, I fled the state. OCRC obtains cooperation from everyone with whom you come in contact.

That bogus aggravated menacing charge haunts me to this day. It comes up in any background check and has prevented me from obtaining a substitute teaching job. This week the charge prevented me from securing a better apartment. Want to read more?

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Calmer Today

FACT: Including Washington D.C., the EEOC has 53 offices nationwide according to the EEOC website.

As I stated yesterday, the ball rolled after my supervisor at Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) was suspended for stating, “Here Comes Tracey Lampley in her come-fuck-me-shoes.”

Of course I was humiliated, and I felt violated. So I reported my supervisor, and BWC suspended her. Although my work environment was already hostile before she uttered those words, she lent validation to attacking and assassinating my character.

You see: I must have asked to be sexually harassed as my figure was curvy, my personality was bubbly, and my face was pretty. After taking disability retirement, that all changed. I’m no longer the person I used to be. In fact, I’m mourning my life. That is the reason for this blog. That is the reason I went on a messy rant yesterday.

FACT: If Ohio Civil Rights Commission and EEOC fact-finding investigations take up to one (1) year, how is my case still open? It is still open because I never blinked. My two employers threw everything–including the kitchen sink–at me, and I never waivered from what happened.

Plus, I did not know that taking a medical leave-of-absence opens you up to shenanigans outside the workplace such as 24-hour surveillance and indefinite interference with your life including everyday activities. All of a sudden everyone you come in contact with effs with you by laughing at you for instance. This seems minor, but it can be harassing especially if you complain about it.

My advice: Don’t complain. The EEOC and OCRC will turn your complaints into epic battles.

Whew! Now about yesterday. Yesterday was messy. I’m still fuming about the long-term effects of filing a workplace violation charge with FEPAs like the EEOC and the OCRC. However, informing cyberspace is not only revenge but a sliver of justice. I said a sliver because only a termination to the fact-finding process will give me some of my life back. Receiving back wages as well as punitive damages will satisfy me!

How will I collect back wages and punitive damages? By writing my way to a settlement is how. Writing is what I do. And blogging my upcoming book, Tracey Lampley’s Surviving the EEOC, will help me connect to not only readers like you but employees involved in similar situations.

Tip of the day: If you receive a right-to-sue letter from a FEPA (Fair Employment Practices Agency like EEOC or OCRC), don’t believe it–especially when you know depositions support your claim of discrimination by hostile work environment, sexual harassment and continuous retaliation.

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